The belief that in order to be right, every other position must be wrong is deteriorating our relationships, our safety, our planet.

Now more than ever we need art to help us remember that being unsure, taking more time to wonder and ponder, and not demanding that we obliterate others in order to succeed are vital in a healthy, thriving society.

In ACCORD(ing) we endeavor to address the fundamental causes of conflict, the outcomes of heightened and runaway fear narratives, and possible routes leading us towards opportunities to expand the horizon of our perspectives.

In an effort to create a space where the audience can experience, wonder, and consider without the pressure to defend their own beliefs or positions, we’re approaching most of our work in ACCORD(ing) through the non-verbal routes of:

• Movement

•Performance art

• Puppetry
• Soundscapes

• Large Scale Art Installations

SoundingLine Arts was founded in 2011 by award-winning director-choreographer, Bronwen Carson, with a vision to build bridges, illuminate potential pathways out of inter-personal or societal conflicts, and inspire audiences towards acts of courage and kindness in their own lives. SoundingLine is anchored by the belief that art is meant to be of and for the people so to represent and connect to as many people as possible, Bronwen often combines somatic movement, dance and physical theatre, written and spoken word, Butoh, Kabuki, physical theater, and the clowning arts in her creative explorations. SoundingLine works have performed at NYU, Skirball Theater, Mark Morris Dance Group, The Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College, The Connelly Theatre, The Director’s Lab at The Actors Studio, Irondale, The Gloria Maddox Theatre, and The Ailey Center. Recent works include “Dust”, a slow, sepia-toned glimpse at the crushing exhaustion of poverty, performed at Symphony Space in NYC, and “The Man Who Laughs”, a theatrical staging of a silent film at The Treehouse Theatre in NYC which utilized clowning and whimsy to explore acts of cruelty, courage, and forgiveness.


TÉA Creative was founded in 2009 by Vieve Radha Price. Since its inception, and with a steadfast dedication to imaginative approaches to content and form, TÉA has created performance pieces revealing the inner patterns of feeling and thinking that precipitate our interactions with each other and ourselves. TÉA has workshopped and brought to production: Under the Veil: Being Muslim (and Non-Muslim) in New York, post-9/11, performed in six states, to thousands of audience members, Cadence: Home, a site-specific Equity Showcase in midtown Manhattan, Uniform Justice, which played at the New York Fringe Festival, and Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex, TÉA’s most socially and aesthetically ambitious work to date, which premiered at Here Arts Center in New York in Feb. 2019. TÉA Creative launched The Insight Artists Collective, a cohort of nine insight artists challenged with further developing the tenants of Insight Artistry, the commitment to creating art that asks its makers and its audience to wonder with the kind of startling openness that lifts us out of our habitual ways of knowing and thinking, and into curiosity. 


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