Alfredo Hurtado

Alfredo Hurtado (Guide / Couple) A founding member of Black Box Dance Theatre, soccer player, musician, and paratrooper before finding his true passion for dance. Alfredo often says “Dance saved my life”. A Purple Heart Combat Wounded Warrior, he served three tours with the 118th Military Police Company/82nd Airborne Division of the US Army during the Global War on Terror. The physical and intellectual demands of dance, paired with the camaraderie and creative energy are a perfect match for him.

Nikki Turner

Nikki Turner (Lillian) A native of Raleigh, Nikki started studying dance at age 5, continuing through high school. She attended St. Augustine’s College (BS in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration) ;an experience that nurtured her love for her African-American history and culture. She received her BA in Dance, Concentration in Private Studio Teaching in 2008 - Meredith College. She teaches at Arts Together and is a member of Rainbow Dance Company and Black Box Dance Theater.

Natalia Soto

Natalia Soto (Sisters) Natalia was most recently seen performing in The Greenroom and has worked with Theatre Raleigh, Burning Coal, Sonorous Road, and Theater Delta. Favorite credits include Wendla in Spring Awakening (NRACT) and Billie Jean King in Ashe in Johannesburg (Burning Coal). Natalia would like to thank Vieve and Bronwen for their dedication throughout the production and the pandemic. Most importantly Natalia would like to thank her family for their endless love and support.

Joseph Reese Anderson

Joseph Reese (Jason) Joseph Reese is a performer and writer. Performance credits include: Coalhouse - Ragtime, Aaron the Moor -Titus Andronicus, Under The Veil. Writing credits: Fatty Fatty No Friends (Lyricist), Whiskeypants: The Mayor of Williamsburg (Lyricist), Jack off Hearts Master of None (Lyricist), Cadence: Home (Contributing Writer), Poetic Theater: Goliath (Poet). Joseph is a staunch believer in social justice. BLACK LIVES MATTER; LGBTQ+ LIVES MATTER. Love to my wife and twin daughters

Lauren Ragsdale

Lauren Ragsdale (Sisters) Lauren is a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is from Jackson, Tennessee. She majors in Dramatic Arts and Vocal Performance and wants to continue to perform professionally after college. Recent collaborations have included Durham's Eno River Players, Black Arts Theatre Company, and Women’s Theatre Festival in Raleigh.

Madi Viterito

Madi Viterito (Claudia) - Madi is delighted to return to the stage with the incredibly determined and undeniably talented cast & crew of ACCORD(ING). From the initial workshop audition, Madi knew they simply must be a part of this production. Hoping to seek a degree in expressive arts therapy, ACCORD(ING)’s themes & means of communication drew them like a moth to a flame. While studying theatre at Appalachian State University, Madi was introduced to the incredible movers of their dance

Brennan McDonell

Brennan McDonell (Matthew) Brennan is super excited to be performing in ACCORD(ing)! He has previously performed as Amos Hart in Chicago, Jonas Slonaker and Stephen Mead Johnson in the Laramie Project, and as a tech crew member in The Laramie Project. Brennan often enjoys going on bike rides, listening to show tunes, and taking flight lessons during his free time. He would like to thank all his family and friends for their continued support.

Karen Warr

Karen Warr ( Guide / Puppet ) A native of NC, Karen has studied dance all her life. She graduated from Randolph Macon Woman’s College (MSc, Coastal Ecology) from UNCW, and went on to work as a wetlands ecologist in NC and Florida. She is currently a dance teacher at Arts Together where she shares her passion for science and nature with her students. Karen is a member of the Rainbow Dance Company and Black Box Dance Theatre. She enjoys gardening, birdwatching, and making healthy potions to share.

Amir Britton

Amir Britton (Guide)

Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson (Guide / Puppet)

Sarah Hogewood

Sarah Hogewood (Guide)

Carla Dale Fuller

Carla Dale Fuller (Guide) I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with such a talented group of individuals. With so much going on in the world right now, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the joy and honor it has been to be able to make theatre. There is never a dull day with this ensemble, but there have been somber days as we read and witness the protests that happen in our cities. Our job is to tell stories and honor the truth in them. We all have a part to play.