Bronwen Carson

Bronwen is an award-winning director, choreographer and writer.

Director Credits: The Man Who Laughs (starring Tony Award winner, James Iglehart), April’s Fool (NYCFringe 2014 Excellence in Directing Award), and the Off- Bdwy premiere of Jack’s Back (NYIT Choreography Nomination).


Writing Credits: Tunnels Above Ground (2018 Omaha Int’l Film Festival), Magpie (novel), and A savage, simple (Dennis and Victoria Ross Playwriting Finalist).

Physical theatre: Symphony Space, The Skirball Center, NYU, The Gerald W. Lynch Theater, The Connelly Theatre, The Actors Studio, Gloria Maddox Theatre, and The Ailey Center. 

In 2014, Bronwen founded SoundingLine Arts a non-profit company focused upon creating works that illuminate and explore societal polarization through an engaging blend of somatic movement, installation art, soundscapes, physical theatre, and spoken word. SoundingLine’s first full-length production, “49th Street and Other Stories” was performed in 2014 at The Ailey Center in NYC.

Bronwen is accredited in The Science of Well Being (Yale) and Conservatory trained in Meisner, Stanislavsky System, Michael Chekhov Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, Elemental Work, Theatrical Clowning (Lecoq), Butoh, and Viewpoints (Bogart). She is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, SDC, and NYWIF.

Residencies: Director’s Workshop at The Actor’s Studio, Irondale, Indiana State College. 

Bronwen Carson

Co-Creator | Director 

Vieve Radha Price

Vieve began her career in the arts in 1995 as an actor and then as assistant artistic director at NiteStar, an HIV prevention program employing interactive musical theatre to educate youth about high-risk behavior.


In 2000, Vieve entered the Peace Corps, serving as a youth development volunteer in Vanuatu by using theatre and the arts to educate young people about HIV/AIDS prevention. Upon returning to the U.S., Vieve received the Sargent Shriver Peaceworker fellowship.

Vieve Radha Price launched TÉA Creative in 2015 with the purpose of enhancing the scope, collaborative reach, and methodological rigor of Insight Artistry – the approach to artistic creation, performance, and audience engagement she has been developing for over a decade. Vieve has recently established the Insight Artists Collaborative, and she is currently collaborating on two books, a handbook on Insight Artistry, and Questing for Insight, an introduction to the philosophical approach that grounds her artistry and artistic creation.

Over the past ten years, Vieve has created and produced five original, collaboratively devised Insight performance experiences: Under the Veil (2009), Cadence: Home (2012), Uniform Justice (2014), There’s Something About America (2012 – 2016), and Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex (2019).


Residencies include George Washington University, the Irondale Ensemble Theatre, and The Actors’ Studio.

Vieve Radha Price  

Co-Creator | Director 

Photo credit: Hunter Canning 


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Lillian - Nikki Turner

Jason - Joseph Reese Anderson

Claudia - Madi Viterito 

Matthew - Brennan McDonell 


The Sisters

Lauren Ragsdale

Natalia Soto


The Puppets

Megan Anderson

Karen Warr

The Guides 

Amir Britton

Carla Dale Fuller

Sarah Hogewood

Alfredo Hurtado

Movement Captain - Carla Dale Fuller 


Creative Team and Crew

Jerome Davis - Artistic Director, Burning Coal Theatre / ACCORD(ing) Co-Producer


Megan Kessinger - Stage Manager

Matthew Adelson - Lighting Design

Josephe Reese Anderson / Bronwen Carson / Vieve Radha Price - Scenic Design

Vieve Radha Price / Bronwen Carson / Sammy Elmi - Sound Design

David Ray - Documentarian 

Caroline Cataldi - Costumes

Talya Mar - Art Design 

Alex Neale - Production Assistant 

Davis Anderson - Remote Production Assistant

Bronwen Carson / David Ray - Production Cinematography

Barry Jaked / Cory Arnold - Lighting 

Nathalie Tondeur - Development Director, Burning Coal Theatre

Bronwen Carson - Web Design and Film Editor 

A very special thank you to...

Jamie Price

Johnathan Kramer

Lisa Liske

Kwan Fai-lam

Alex Procknow

Tony Markoch

John Ivey